The Merced College Child Development Center - Presentation by EOPS

May 11, 2015

A Merced College EOPS Presentation, April 2015 - The Child Development Center 


A Merced College EOPS Presentation “Becoming A Teacher”

May 11, 2015

Listen to an EOPS Presentation at held at Merced College, April 15, 2015 - Becoming A Teacher, by the Recruitment & Retention Office of CSU Stanislaus. 


“Financial Aid” - Presentation Held At Merced College, April 2015.

May 11, 2015

Listen to an EOPS Presentation held at Merced College, April 2015 - "Financial Aid" 


Find Out More About The Future 10 Acre Botanical Garden at Merced College from Professor Bryan Tassey

April 18, 2015

In November 2014, the Merced College Board of Trustees approved a 10 acre area of land for a Botanical Garden.  Listen as Professor Tassey explains how different parts of the garden will serve as a meeting place representing the city of Merced and the county of Merced, theme gardens representing ethnic groups for the last 20 years, and specialty gardens - including a specialty garden for children.  The area is intended to be interactive and provide not only an opportunity to showcase plants but also different practices, including irrigation practices.  Professor Tassey explains how this project factors in with the current drought because it provides ideas of what plants can live here, and what should live here - dealing directly with water requirements. Listen to how this project will involve the entire campus, including student participation, instructor participation, college staff and the community.  Find out more at the Merced College Agriculture facebook page.  Professor Tassey can be reached by email at and check out 


CARE Workshop Held At Merced College

March 30, 2015
Listen to the recent UC & CSU Transfer Requirements CARE workshop held at Merced College. 

Each presenter covered the following topics  
  • UC Merced, CSU Stanislaus and CSU Fresno General Information
  • Admissions (Transfer Requirements
  • GE Breadth Pattern
  • Dates & Deadlines
  • What each offers as far as housing and financial aid
Presented by the following personnel from their respective schools: Rocio Luna-Admissions Counselor-CSU Stanislaus, Mr Rachapol Lamee-Scholarship and Outreach Coordinator-Craig School of Business-Department of Military Science,-Fresno State, Kia Vue & Liliana Salas-UC Merced.

Cooperative Agencies and Resources for Education (CARE) is a program unique to the State of California and the California Community Colleges, and exists in campuses statewide.  It was established in 1982 as a supplemental component of EOPS. CARE provides educational support services and activities to the welfare dependent, single head of household student population. 

Chris Vitelli, Vice President of Student Services discusses Student Services and the Student Equity Plan

October 15, 2014

Merced College Is Committed To Looking At Disproportionate Impacts and Barriers To Students, says Chris Vitelli, Vice President Of Student Services in this episode. Did you know that Merced College Student Services serves as a gateway to access services to approximately 10,000 students each semester? Listen to Chris discuss student success and support programs, special programs at the college, as well as the Student Equity Plan.  Chris Vitelli may be reached by phone at (209) 384-6186, or email at 


Free Flu Shots, Cold and Flu Season Preparation and More by Donya Avila, R.N., Merced College Student Health Services

September 30, 2014

Donya Avila, R.N. Merced College Student Health Services provides information on the upcoming flu shot clinic and how best to prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season. The free flu shot clinic is being sponsored by Merced College Student Health Services on the Merced Campus October 7 & 8th, 9-1 in Staff Dining and the Los Banos Campus, October 15th 9-noon Bldg B Room 138.  For more information visit or call 209 384 6045.


Merced College Library - Helping Students With Their Research Needs

July 22, 2014

In this episode, Merced College Librarian Dee Near shares information about the different services available at the library - great information for new and returning students.


Parking permits, lost and found, theft and more from Sgt. Swiggart - Director of Merced College Law Enforcement

July 8, 2014
Sgt. Frank Swiggart, Director of Law Enforcement at Merced College explains the Parking Permit (there is no grace period) and Citation Appeal procedures, what to do about Lost and Found, Theft and other Campus Police functions.  To contact the Police Department call: Merced Campus 209 384 6054 or Los Banos Campus 209 381 6425.  Further details can be found at:  Police Department 

College For Kids 2014 At Merced College

May 18, 2014
College For Kids has three sessions this summer, June 16, July 7 and July 21.  Listen to Sarah Nelson-Bravo explain the registration process, age requirements, costs, hours and location!  Call 209 384 6224 or visit 

Financial Aid Information, introduced by Shawn McCall, FAFSA Lab and Outreach Coordinator at Merced College

May 8, 2014
Shawn McCall, FAFSA Lab and Outreach Coordinator at Merced College explains the process of the Financial Aid application including timelines and deadlines and limit amounts.  The Financial Aid Office is located on the 3rd Floor of the Lesher Student Services Building and processes state fee waivers, Federal Pell Grants, State Grants, Cal Grants and applications for Merced College Scholarships. Shawn can be reached at (209) 384 6038 or visit

Information For New & Returning Students and High School Students Registering At Merced College

May 7, 2014

If you are a new or returning student, or a current high school student, this episode contains information provided by Sherry Elms, Associate Registrar, on the registration process at Merced College, including the assessment and testing sequences.  Sherry Elms is located in Admissions and Records, on the second floor of the Lesher Student Services Center - (209) 384 6188.  Admissions and Records handle registration, grades, petitions, transcripts and verification of enrollment. Visit for more information.


Information about the Veterans Resource Center at Merced College

April 30, 2014

Listen to Terina Davis, Department of Veterans Affairs Certifying Official for Merced College as she explains the multiple services available at the Merced College Veterans Resource Center which is located in the Merced College Student Union Building.  Visit their website at or call 209 384 6113.  Services include :  Veterans Certifying Official, Computers & Assistive Technology, Resource Library, Veterans Counselors, Veterans Representatives and Networking Opportunities.


Learn About SB1456, the New Student Success & Support Program from Interim VP of Student Personnel Services-Dr. Everett D. Lovelace

April 8, 2014

Listen to information about the new Ed Plan for new and returning students, student orientation and assessent, enrollment priority changes and the new and returning students website.  Any questions call 209 386 6643 


Learn about English, Child Development & Basic Skills from Area 2 Interim Dean Dr Michael McCandless

April 4, 2014

Interim Dean of Instruction, McCandless shares information about Area 2 (English, Child Development and Basic Skills) at Merced College - find out about:

  • Study central, tutorial and the math lab
  • Prep to Test - available at
  • Puente Program
  • Alpha Gamma Sigma
  • Samasource Partnership
  • Early Childhood Curriculum Alignment Project

Lots of information in the podcast, with key contact information.  To reach Dean McCandless call 381 6489 or email at