Plant Sale At Merced College by Professor Bryan Tassey

March 17, 2016

Listen to Professor Bryan Tassey share information about the upcoming Merced College Agriculture Division's Annual Plant Sale - Saturday March 26th 8am to 2pm - succulents, assorted vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, perennials, annuals, shade trees, fruit trees AND free seminars!  


New Short Term Course Nutrition 70G Baking Basics and Business

February 8, 2016

Listen to information about the new Nutrition 70G Baking Basics and Business - a course for everyone!  Learn about the many different methods and techniques - learn the how to for cookies and cakes,doughs, crusts for pies, quick breads  Short term course, 9 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5.30-7.50pm.  Baking, it's a piece of cake!


The Merced College Child Development Center - Presentation by EOPS

May 11, 2015

A Merced College EOPS Presentation, April 2015 - The Child Development Center 


New-New-New! Social Media Courses Being Offered Via Web Conference At Los Banos in the Fall!

April 21, 2015

The Los Banos campus is trying something new by going virtual in the Fall!  Los Banos will be offering two social media courses - Social Media Strategist, a 3 unit course (VIRT55) and Effective Blogging, a .5 unit course (VIRT53) via web conference at the Los Banos campus! Listen to Brenda Latham, Dean of the Los Banos campus discuss this new venture with the Professor of the class, Toni Pirtle.  


Find Out More About The Future 10 Acre Botanical Garden at Merced College from Professor Bryan Tassey

April 18, 2015

In November 2014, the Merced College Board of Trustees approved a 10 acre area of land for a Botanical Garden.  Listen as Professor Tassey explains how different parts of the garden will serve as a meeting place representing the city of Merced and the county of Merced, theme gardens representing ethnic groups for the last 20 years, and specialty gardens - including a specialty garden for children.  The area is intended to be interactive and provide not only an opportunity to showcase plants but also different practices, including irrigation practices.  Professor Tassey explains how this project factors in with the current drought because it provides ideas of what plants can live here, and what should live here - dealing directly with water requirements. Listen to how this project will involve the entire campus, including student participation, instructor participation, college staff and the community.  Find out more at the Merced College Agriculture facebook page.  Professor Tassey can be reached by email at and check out 


Exciting News From Dr Robert Anderson, Merced College Dean of Allied Health, Business & Public Safety

March 24, 2015

Dean Anderson shares exciting news for students, faculty and staff from Merced College Area 4, Allied Health, Business and Public Safety. Listen as Dean Anderson provides an update on the events held this academic year, as well as upcoming events! Also hear about the $525,000 in grants awarded to the area of Allied Health, Business and Public Safety this year.  


Merced College Blue Devil Athletics Hall Of Fame 2014 Inductee Janis Ewards Reflects

October 7, 2014

On October 11, 2014, Merced College will hold its Third Annual Blue Devil Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Dinner.  This year there will be eight inductees and the MCPod team had an opportunity to catch up with one of the inductees Janis Robinson, now Edwards (1994-6) on the phone. Listen to Janis talk about her career and her advice for Merced College students.


Merced College Blue Devil Athletics Hall Of Fame 2014 Inductee Steve Eccles Reflects

October 7, 2014

On October 11, 2014, Merced College will hold its Third Annual Blue Devil Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Dinner.  This year there will be eight inductees and the MCPod team had an opportunity to catch up with one of the inductees Steve Eccles on the phone.  Find out about Steve's career post Merced College and his reflections on his time in Aquatics (1979-81) at Merced College.



Cody Camacho, ASMC President Discusses The Activities and Roles of the Associated Students of Merced College

September 29, 2014

The ASMC President reflects on the recent Social Justice Conference, discusses the Sustainability Challenge and shares information about meetings and upcoming events.  The Associated Students of Merced College (ASMC) exists for the purpose of preserving, protecting, and defending students’ rights, academic freedom, and representative student government; to promote the educational, social, and cultural opportunities of Merced College; to assist the enjoyment of the diversity of Merced College and the community at large; and to advocate for full student participation in the affairs of Merced College.  For more information visit: 


Merced College Agriculture & Horticulture Information

August 25, 2014

Professor Bryan Tassey of the Merced College Agriculture Division discusses classes and upcoming events.  For more information visit their facebook page at, call 209 384 6250 or visit


Information about the Merced College Career Advancement Academy

August 6, 2014

In this episode, Rebecca Tilger of the Career Advancement Academy provides information about the 25-37 week Technical Office Occupations Program and the 45 week Medical Assistant Program, as well as IC3 and MOUS Certification.  The programs are non-credit, open enrollment and orientations are Mondays at 9.30am at the Business Resource Center.  For more information call 209 386-6738 or visit 


College For Kids 2014 At Merced College

May 18, 2014
College For Kids has three sessions this summer, June 16, July 7 and July 21.  Listen to Sarah Nelson-Bravo explain the registration process, age requirements, costs, hours and location!  Call 209 384 6224 or visit 

Allied Health, Business & Public Safety (Area 4) Introduced By Dean of Instruction, Dr Robert Anderson

May 5, 2014
Merced College Area 4 encompasses Allied Health, Business & Public Safety cohorts.  In this interview Dr Robert Anderson, Dean of Instruction introduces the area programs of study as well as most recent and upcoming events!  Dr Anderson takes a moment to offer well wishes and congratulations to its two retiring faculty members, Judy Rose and David Falkowski.
Check out the Cohort Websites at:
Dr Robert Anderson can be reached at (209) 386 6730.  Office Location: Allied Health Building, AHC121.

Check out the 4th Annual Foods & Nutrition Culinary & Cuisines Event, on campus Wednesday May 7th, 2014

May 2, 2014

This episode contains information about this year's event being held on campus on Wednesday May 7th - the menu, the events, where to purchase the $6 tickets for lunch etc. This year's theme is Thailand.